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book headstones When choosing a headstone for a recently departed loved one it can be nice to choose headstone that is personalised to that individual and somehow represents their life or their personality. This can be done in a number of different ways from the inscriptions or symbols that are chosen for the headstone to the style and shape of the headstone itself. Such details can ensure that the headstone is personalised to the deceased loved one and is a fitting memorial to that person. The result is a unique and dignified headstone which pays tribute to the life of the beloved family member.

Shaped headstones

Headstones are available in a wide range of shapes and styles from the traditional headstone to angel headstones to book headstones. Book headstones may simply involve the engraving or embossing of a book upon the headstone, they may feature the top portion of the headstone being shaped to resemble a book or the whole headstone may be shaped to represent a book. The headstone can be tailored to the specific requirements of the individual in order to accurately represent the deceased person and provide an appropriate memory for that person.

Representative headstones

Book headstones can be used to reflect a particular attribute of a deceased person or a particular interest which they used to have. If the person was religious book headstones can be used to represent the Bible in their lives and the guidance that it may have provided. Likewise, if a person was particularly academic book headstones may be used to represent the textbooks that they have studied during the course of their life. In either case the book represents a strong feature of that person’s life and provides a tribute to that person as other people remember them. Similarly, book headstones may be used simply to represent the person’s passion for reading if that was central to their lives. In any of these situations it may be deemed that a headstone that depicts a book would be most representative and most appropriate for the deceased family member.

For family members who would prefer to remember their loved one with something other than the traditional headstone, book headstones are ideal. They can be used to remember strong characteristics and attributes of that person’s life while remaining dignified and appropriate. Moreover, book headstones can be personalised further to the individual who has passed away. The book may be shaped in a particular way which represents them specifically or it may be inscribed with writing in tribute to that person. Furthermore, symbols may be engraved or embossed upon the book on the headstone to further enhance the appearance of the headstone. The options that are available are limitless so that family members can create a memorial to their loved one that is genuinely unique and representative of their late relative. This allows the family to create a focal point which can be visited in honour of that person’s memory and to created a feeling of closeness.