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cemetery headstones Cemeteries are generally not considered happy places, but neither do they have to be dull, dreary, depressing places. Cemetery headstones serve a variety of purposed which they must combine, both solemn and joyful. First and foremost cemetery headstones should commemorate the death of the departed family member. They do this by boldly displaying their name, their date of birth and their date of death. This aspect of the headstone is generally solemn and should be respectful to the memory of the deceased person and dignified. The headstone may also express the sorrow of the family at the loss of losing that cherished individual by inscribing an epitaph.

However, cemetery headstones should also celebrate the life and the accomplishments of the departed family member. This can be done in a number of ways but it is important not to take away the respect and the dignity of the headstone as mentioned at the outset. The life can be celebrated by inscribing the lyrics of a song or a poem which is particularly fitting for that individual or was a favourite of the loved one. Moreover, a cheery epitaph could be inscribed by a close relative rather than a sad reflective memorial. If the deceased loved one was particularly optimistic or had an exceptional sense of humour it would be more appropriate to focus on a celebration of life rather than sorrow at death.

A benefit for the surviving family

After the death of a close family member cemetery headstones generally become the focal point for the mourning and grieving of the surviving family. Cemetery headstones allow relatives to feel close to the deceased individual while offering a place of peace and quiet for reflection on the memory of that person. In order for this to be a beneficial experience it is important that the gravesite is a cheery place, orientated to celebrate the life of the individual rather than a depressing place orientated toward sorrow over their death. By ensuring that cemetery headstones are celebratory yet still respectful and dignified, the family will secure the memory of the person in the hearts of the surviving family and the family will be keen to visit the grave and reflect on the life and their memories of that person.

A choice to be made

As described at the outset the surviving family have an important decision to make regarding the focus of the memorial to the cherished loved one. Will it be a dull, dreary, depressing memorial without trace of hope or celebration? Or will it be a respectful and dignified celebration of the life and achievements of someone who will be greatly missed? The decision ultimately lies with the family. However, it is worth considering what the departed loved one would have preferred and which option would be most beneficial for the grieving family members. Cemetery headstones can combine a healthy respect and tribute to the beloved relative with a cheerful celebration of all that that person accomplished in their lifetime.