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double headstones The death of a loved one is always a tragic event in life no matter what circumstances surround the death. However, there are some circumstances which tend to cause more pain and suffering than others. For example, premature death tends to be viewed as unjust and that much more tragic than a natural death. Nothing is sadder than the loss of a child or a baby; however the death of multiple family members due to unforeseen circumstances can be heart-breaking. This is especially true when a married couple or two young children die or are killed in tragic circumstances.

A tribute to two loved ones

Double headstones are only required in the saddest of all circumstances. The death of a loved one is always difficult to come to terms with but the death of two loved ones at once can seem to be almost unbearable. However, a small amount of consolation can often be found for family members in knowing that the two loved ones are laid to rest together. Double headstones offer a respectful and dignified approach, allowing the two family members to remain together even in the grave. Such an arrangement does not remove the pain of the loss that has been experienced but at least it can provide some comfort in the knowledge that the two loved ones will be together at least figuratively for eternity.

A personalised tribute

Double headstones can be customised and personalised to the exact requirements of the surviving family members. All details of the headstones including the shape, size and materials used can be chosen by family members to ensure that the headstone is a truly personal tribute. A message can then be engraved on the headstone to mark the death and celebrate the life of the couple who have passed away in death. Under such tragic circumstances it is vital that loved ones can create a personal and heartfelt tribute to the couple that will last for many years to come. Double headstones often offer a focal point for mourning and floral tributes throughout the grieving process and continued memorials for anniversaries and other events. Carefully considered double headstones can be a dignified and respectful tribute which is designed to last for the years to come.

Although double headstones are only required under the most trying and difficult of circumstances, some comfort can be found in choosing headstones which feature high quality materials and high standards of workmanship. The knowledge that the memorial will last for many years is often of great comfort to the close family members who want the loved ones to be remembered always. Double headstones allow to people who were very close in life to be laid to rest together, allowing a fitting conclusion to the lives of the beloved family members. The dignified gravesite offers a place of closeness and peace for the memory of family members. It seems particularly fitting that two people who were inseparable in life should also be inseparable in death.