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granite headstones When it comes to choosing a headstone for a beloved family member who has recently passed away it is of the utmost importance to choose a headstone which both commemorates their death and provides a memorial to their life. There is an exceptionally wide range of options available for headstones including the size, shape, materials and epitaph used in the construction of the headstone. It is important to make the right decisions in order for the headstone to be a lasting and dignified memorial to the deceased family member. Every size, shape and material is suited to a particular individual but the difficult decision can be in deciding which combination suits the individual in question.

A traditional memorial

The most traditional of memorials to the memory of a deceased loved one often come in the form of granite headstones. Granite is a very traditional material and usually makes up the majority of headstones found in any cemetery or churchyard. It is a heard-wearing stone which is a dull grey in appearance. However, granite can also be polished to create an exceptionally attractive appearance which can be similar to marble. Generally granite headstones are constructed in the traditional rounded rectangular shape and are inscribed in a very traditional style. Such headstones are particularly suited for those of the older generation who value tradition and would like to be remembered in such a way. Granite headstones offer an exceptionally dignified and attractive memorial which will endure for many years to come.

Tough and hardwearing

When creating a memorial to a loved one who has recently passed away in death, one of the primary considerations for most families is that the memorial is long lasting and will be around for many years to come. Granite headstones are exceptionally hardwearing and enduring and will last for many decades if not centuries. This will ensure that the memory of the family member will be honoured for many years to come in a dignified and honourable manner. What is more, any wording inscribed into the headstone will not readily fade or become illegible, ensuring that the wording will be readable for many years and can visited by family members in the future. As granite headstones are so tough they tend to look exceptionally attractive even after numerous years have passed by.

Although every type of headstone has its own particular application and is suited to an individual, it is up to the family to decide which type of headstone would suit a recently departed loved one. Granite headstones are especially suited to the older generation who value tradition and approve of a traditional style. These headstones offer a high level of dignity and would provide a lasting tribute to the memory of a beloved family member. Furthermore, granite headstones are known for being tough and hardwearing, ensuring that the headstone lasts for many years carrying the inscription provided by the family without wearing out or becoming unsightly no matter where the headstone is located.