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Headstones designs

headstones design When a loved one passes away in death it is natural to want to celebrate the memory of that person in a lasting and meaningful way. One way in which this can be done is through erecting a headstone in tribute to the close family member. Headstones designs vary considerably in many ways from size and shape to the materials used and the finish of the headstone to the lettering and symbolism used in the construction of the headstone. By carefully selecting from a range of different options the surviving relatives can create a headstone personalised to the memory of the deceased loved one.

The headstone itself

Headstones designs are largely dependent on the combination of the size and shape of the headstone along with the materials used in their construction. Headstones can vary considerably in size from small memorial headstones to large monuments erected to the memory of the close family member. The shape used in headstones designs can vary even more, from the traditional rectangular style headstone to more elaborate designs and shapes. Such elaborate designs may include crosses, doves, angels and books. Headstones may be shaped in an overall design or may incorporate an elaborate shape in part. Likewise, materials vary extensively from stone to metal to plastic to wood and can create a variety of different finishes to the taste of the individual and the close family.

The writing and pictures

Headstones designs are only truly personalised when they incorporate writing, pictures and symbols chosen by the immediate family. Lettering may include an epitaph dedicated to the memory of the loved one who has passed away in death. An epitaph gives the immediate family the opportunity to create a permanent tribute to the memory of the individual and express their own sadness at the loss but also celebrate the life of that person. Such writings may incorporate song lyrics or even a poem enjoyed by the deceased family member or that is particularly appropriate for that individual. The epitaph may be accompanied by pictures or symbols to illustrate the writings or simply brighten up the tombstone and make it more attractive. Such customisation and personalisation offers a fitting finishing touch to a wide variety of headstones designs.

Headstones designs can be completed in a number of different ways in order to ensure that the process is as smooth and as painless as possible. The headstone may be designed from scratch to ensure that headstone is entirely personalised and totally unique to the individual. Alternatively, headstones designs may be constructed from a variety of existing designs to create a new overall design. Inspiration may be gained from existing headstones or even a catalogue displaying the options available to those who wish to create a truly unique headstone. The family may then select the desired components to create a new headstone which will provide a fitting and dignified tribute to the loved one who has recently passed away. Headstones designs are of the utmost importance in creating the perfect headstone.