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inscriptions-for-headstones When considering erecting a headstone to a loved one who has recently passed away, one of the most important elements in this process is choosing an appropriate epitaph to honour the memory of that person. As a close relative it is a privilege to be able to write a heartfelt message to honour the memory of the loved one and express sadness in losing that person. Inscriptions for headstones allow close relatives to create such a message which can be viewed for years to come, bringing honour and dignity to the gravesite as well as to the memory of the individual.

A heartfelt dedication

Inscriptions for headstones may contain a message written either by the closest family member or by all of the family working together. The inscription may contain a heartfelt dedication to the memory of the deceased loved one which can be presented in many different forms. It is customary for the inscription to display information such as the person’s name, their date of birth and their date of death. However, any additional inscriptions for headstones can vary considerably. Some families may choose to inscribe a message which conveys how much the loved one is missed and their sorrow at that person’s death. Conversely, some families may choose to inscribe a message which celebrates the life of the loved one, recalling a cherished memory or a particular attribute of that person. Alternatively, the family may simply choose to display additional factual information such as where the person was born or what they did during their life.

When choosing inscriptions for headstones, using a message written by a family member can be particularly fitting. Such a message can bring honour, dignity and respect to the memory of the loved one who has passed away and will stand for generations to come in honour of that memory.

A popular alternative

Inscriptions for headstones do not necessarily have to be limited to that which the family writes themselves. Family members may conclude that a personal message is not appropriate or they may not feel that they can sum up the person’s life in a few words or they may be too heartbroken to be creative. In which case there is a popular alternative which allows the individual’s memory to be honoured without the burden on the family members. Many today choose to inscribe the headstone with the lyrics from a song or a poem. The lyrics may have been a favourite of the departed loved one or they may even aptly sum up the loved one. Whatever the reason, poem or song lyrics can eloquently pay tribute to the life or the memory of the deceased loved one.

So when choosing inscriptions for headstones give careful consideration to the personality and attributes of the loved one. The family should decide whether the headstone should state plain facts, whether it should contain a heartfelt message from family and friends or whether it should use song or poem lyrics to honour that person’s memory.