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irish headstones Ireland is associated with many different notions and is known across the world for various cultural practises and national characteristics. Irish people are known for their sense of humour and their optimistic attitude toward life. Likewise, certain Irish alcoholic beverages are known the world over for their premium taste and distinctive flavour. The country itself is known for its rugged hills and slightly damp climate while boasting a beautiful coastline. The Irish culture is known for its Celtic roots which come to fore in many aspects of Irish life and history. What Ireland is perhaps less well known for but could equally claim as a national institution or a national treasure are Irish headstones.

Celtic headstones

Irish headstones or Celtic headstones are extremely well known throughout the British Isles and are instantly recognisable but perhaps not well known as being Irish headstones. The most common form of such headstones is the Celtic cross which dominates cemeteries and graveyards all over the British Isles and even across the wider world. These crosses are extremely distinctive and unique in appearance. They have a commanding stature that instantly looms over any other headstones in the vicinity. These headstones have been erected for many centuries and represent the visible traces of Celtic culture remaining within the British Isles. Irish headstones also come in the form of more traditional style headstones that are engraved or embossed with Irish or Celtic features and symbols. These headstones are particularly popular today and offer a balance between the traditional and the modern.

Practical and attractive

Irish headstones are of a very tough and durable construction. They tend to built from some form of stone, often limestone or granite which is very hard and able to stand the test of time as well as harsh weather conditions. These headstones ensure that any memorial erected to the memory of a cherished loved one will still exists in many years or even many generations time. The stone used in the construction is resistant to general decay and cracking and crumbling caused by extreme weather conditions. Not only are Irish headstones built to last but they are also extremely attractive in appearance. As previously mentioned they are certainly distinctive and easily recognised all over the world. They are very traditional and represent the very best in headstone design.

When selecting a headstone for a loved one who has recently passed away in death it is important to make the right choice. There needs to be a balance between practicality and appearance in any choice of headstone but this does not necessarily need to be a compromise. Irish headstones offer the ideal balance between practicality and appearance with superb properties that lend themselves to withstanding the test of time and withstanding even the most severe weather conditions. What is more, Irish headstones can be personalised to the exact requirements of an individual or their surviving family to ensure that the memorial is lasting but also an appropriate and a respectful tribute to that individual.