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metal headstones When a close loved one dies it can be nice to find a tribute that is truly unique and unlike the thousands of other headstones that appear in cemeteries and graveyards all around the world. Traditionally headstones are constructed from a hard stone, often granite which is hardwearing and tough but tends to appear dull and dreary. On top of that, every other headstone in the cemetery tends to be of the same appearance, creating a very uniformed and impersonal appearance. However, there are some unique types of headstone that are not used in such numbers which can create a more personal tribute. Metal headstones are just one such type of memorial.

Tough and durable

Metal headstones are tough and durable and able to withstand the harshest of weather conditions without rusting or decaying in any way. They are constructed to last and will ensure that the memorial is around for many years or even generations to come. What is more, unlike stone headstones, metal headstones are not prone to shattering or crumbling in extreme weather conditions or when they come into contact with force. Such headstones really will last for many years and ensure that the memory of the recently deceased loved one is kept alive for the foreseeable future. These properties make metal headstones particularly desirable especially when compared with other headstone materials that are considerably less tough and durable and are prone to a wide variety of different types of damage and decay.

Personalised options

Metal headstones really lend themselves to being personalised. They are available in a huge array of different shapes and sizes and even different metals. This means that family members can choose a headstone that is particularly appropriate for their loved one. Moreover, metal headstones can easily be inscribed with just about anything that the family choose including lettering, symbols and even pictures. An epitaph may be inscribed into the headstone to give details of the person's life such as their name, date of birth and date of death. Moreover a tribute may be written on the headstone in the form of heartfelt sentiments written by the immediate family or even the lyrics from a favourite song or poem. Pictures and symbols can be used to illustrate the epitaph and ensure that the memorial is a dignified and respectful tribute to life of a much loved and much respected individual. Metal headstones truly offer a wide arrange of personalised options which can be selected and combined by the surviving family members.

Although metal headstones are not the most traditional or orthodox form of headstone, they do offer a number of advantages over headstones of other materials. They are durable and hardwearing to ensure that they can survive even the most severe of weather conditions and will stand the test of time to ensure a lasting tribute stands for many years to come. Metal headstones offer a viable alternative to other headstones and something a bit different from the copious stone headstones found worldwide.