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monument headstones When a much loved family member passes away in death it is only natural for the surviving family members to want to honour the memory of that person and ensure that their memory is always kept alive. There are different ways to accomplish this which tend to depend on the budget that is available to the surviving family. However, whatever the budget that is available it is impossible for family members to honour the memory of a cherished loved one who has recently died through the use of monument headstones.

A fitting and dignified tribute

Monument headstones present the most traditional type of headstone to be used in remembering a recently deceased loved one. Memorial headstones have been used for centuries to commemorate the death of cherished family members and celebrate their lives. They tend to be constructed from granite or marble or some other form of hard stone, ensuring that they last for many years to come, honouring the memory of the family member. Such a memorial offers a dignified and respectful tribute to the memory of the family member which will be around for generations to come, ensuring that the memory of that person is kept alive.

A personalised tribute

Importantly, monument headstones allow an extensive epitaph to be inscribed upon the headstone. Usually this would contain important information such as the person's name, their date of birth and their date of death. Further to this an epitaph may contain heartfelt sentiments written by close family members in tribute and celebration to the loved one. Alternatively, an epitaph may contain the lyrics from a song or poem that was particularly close to the heart of the deceased loved one or is particularly apt for that person. Monument headstones may combine different elements to create a highly personalised memorial to honour the memory of the deceased person.

Monument headstones offer a traditional and respectful tribute to the life of a much loved family member. There is no better way to commemorate the death of a loved one and to celebrate the life that they lived than through monument headstones. They honour the name of the departed family member and keep their memory alive for future generations. Being so hardwearing and durable, these headstones will last longer than any other type of headstone and will be able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Monument headstones are a particularly dignified and respectful memorial to the life of a beloved family member. They represent the most traditional type of headstone and tend to be preferred by the older generation who view tradition as of great value and importance. By customising the headstone to the desired shape, size and material family members can create a truly personalised headstone. What is more, the incorporation of an epitaph allows an even more personalised tribute to be presented. Important, the headstone being constructed from hard stone means that it will last for years or even generations to come and will withstand the harshest of weather conditions.