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natural headstones In a world that uses synthetic materials for just about every purpose imaginable it is good to choose natural materials when possible. These materials are often sustainable and are able to bed replenished and represent a welcome change from the disposable society in which we live. This is even possible when commemorating the death of a much loved family member. Natural headstones are available in a wide variety of materials from different types of stone to different woods. Each option is constructed entirely from natural materials and offers an attractive alternative to the synthetic materials that place huge demands on the earth's natural resources.

Wooden headstones

Wooden headstones are the most inexpensive of all materials than can be used in natural headstones. They are ideal for families that are suffering financially and wish to create an inexpensive memorial to honour the memory of the departed family member. Moreover, wooden headstones are useful to erect as temporary headstones until a more permanent solution is available or viable. Wood creates entirely natural headstones that can be tailored to individual needs including inscriptions and carvings. Furthermore, wooden headstones are particularly suited to woodland burials where the headstone should blend into the surroundings and not appear out of place.

Stone headstones

Although not as sustainable or as easily replenished as wood, stone is also used in creating natural headstones. Stone has the advantage of being particularly durable and hardwearing, ensuring that the memorial will last for many years to come or even many generations to come. It is resistant to the harshest weather conditions and can successfully resist decay and crumbling. Stone headstones are available in many shapes and sizes and even a large number of different types of stone can be chosen from. Stone used in natural headstones include granite, marble and slate to name but a few. Stone headstones offer a natural alternative that is traditional and attractive and has been used for centuries in the construction of headstones.

Natural headstones offer a viable alternative that have a much reduced impact upon the earth than synthetic equivalents. This is particularly appropriate for deceased family members who had particular love for nature or the earth. It means that their death does not have a significant negative impact on the earth that they left behind. The choice of materials and styles available when considering natural headstones is considerable and the levels of personalisation that are possible are surprising. Such headstones can be created in almost any size, shape and style and can be engraved or embossed with whatever the family chooses from text to pictures and symbols. The possibilities are endless and can be tailored to the exact requirements of the surviving family members to ensure a fitting tribute that will stand for many years or even generations to come, keeping the memory of the much loved family member alive. Natural headstones offer an exceptionally viable option no matter who the headstone is for or what budget is available and how much personalisation is required.