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pet headstones It can be exceptionally difficult for those who have not had a pet to grasp the idea of the bond that can be forged between man and animal. A person has to have experienced such a bond personally to truly understand the strength of the relationship that can be formed. Animals can become excellent companions that people struggle to live without. Therefore, the death of a pet can be a particularly traumatic experience, especially when a very close bond exists between man and animal. This is particularly true of larger animals such as dogs, cats and horses when their absence is particularly noticeable.

A tribute to a loyal companion

Pet headstones offer those who have experienced such a close bond with their pet the opportunity to create a lasting tribute. No doubt during the lifetime of the pet there have been many experiences that the owner treasures and many enduring memories which the owner remembers with fondness. Pets give a lot and demand very little in return and this is why owners often feel compelled to erect a memorial to the memory of the pet. Pet headstones are a good way to do this as they provide a lasting and dignified tribute and memorial to the beloved pet.

Closure for young children

Young children often have pets at a young age which they get attached to very quickly but unfortunately tend to live for a relatively short time. Such animals as hamsters, gerbils, rabbits and even goldfish are common for young children but have comparatively short lives. This causes the child a great deal of emotional turmoil when the pet dies as it will generally be their first experience of death and they will find it very difficult comprehend. Burying the pet in the garden and conducting some form of pet funeral can often bring closure to the life of the pet and pet headstones can aid in this process. The child will generally come to terms with the death of the pet more readily if they think that the pet will be suitably remembered. Pet headstones provide a lasting tribute to the pet for the benefit of the child.

Whether a pet should be remembered for its loyalty and companionship on a personal level or in order to aid a child through the grieving process for a pet, pet headstones provide a lasting tribute and memorial to a beloved and faithful pet. From dogs and cats to hamsters and gerbils, pet headstones cater for any pet that has recently passed away and offer a focal point of remembrance when a family is going through a time of great hardship. Pet headstones ensure that much loved pets are remembered for years to come and that they are honoured for the companionship and affection that they once showed toward their owner. Although those who have never experienced the close bond between man and animal will never understand such sentiments, pet headstones can make the sense of loss that much easier to bear.