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sandstone headstones When a beloved family member passes away in death it is only natural to want to create a permanent memorial to that person's memory and to celebrate the life that they lived. The traditional way to achieve this is to erect a headstone at the gravesite of the family member. Stone tends to me the material of choice from which to construct headstones as it has been used for centuries, primarily because it is durable and hardwearing and ensures that the memorial will stand the test of time and withstand even the most harsh weather conditions. A wide variety of different stones are available but sandstone headstones are among some of the most striking.

Durable and hardwearing

When a family erects a headstone in honour of the memory of a recently deceased relative they want the headstone to be hardwearing and durable. Headstones are no use if they simply dissolve in the rain or are prone to cracks caused by freezing weather. A headstone needs to be built to last so once it is erected it needs to be able to stand for generations to come and for the foreseeable future. Sandstone headstones offer these properties as they are exceptionally durable and hardwearing with centuries old sandstone headstones surviving to this day. Family members can be assured that once a sandstone headstone is erected it will survive for their lifetime and well beyond, keeping the memory of the cherished family member alive and bringing honour to their name.

Attractive as well as practical

Apart from being particularly durable and hardwearing, sandstone headstones are also extremely attractive. Sandstone is used as a construction material for all sorts of structures, particularly buildings. It is sandy in colour as the name suggests, remaining a red-brown colour throughout its life. The finished stone tends to be highly textured and very natural in appearance which is an appealing quality in itself. The appearance of sandstone does not change notably during the course of its lifetime and will typically appear the same as when erected in a number of years time.

When a family choose a headstone for recently departed loved one they generally want the headstone to last both for the current generation and for the generations to come. The headstone should serve both as a memorial to the death of the deceased person and a celebration of their life. By choosing a stone headstone the family ensure that the headstone will stand the test of time and will be able to endure even the harshest of weather conditions that can be thrown at it. As well as being able to withstand time and weather, sandstone headstones are also particularly attractive with their distinctive red-brown appearance which is their trademark. Sand headstones will bring honour, dignity and respect to the memory of the departed loved one for many years or even generations to come. So when selecting a material for a headstone, carefully consider sandstone headstones for a lasting but attractive memorial to a beloved relative.