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slate headstones When looking out upon a vast sea of grey, dreary stone headstones it can often be a depressing vista that stretches into the distance. As stone is the traditional material from which headstones are constructed, the vast majority of headstones are of this material. However, this does not need to be the case. There are many other materials from which headstones can be constructed including wood, various metals, glass and slate. Slate headstones offer an extremely attractive alternative to the traditional stone headstones and promise a more unique and personalised headstone for the beloved family member. Prior to selecting a headstone it is worth considering all of the options to ensure the very best material is selected and not simply the most common.

An attractive alternative

Slate headstones offer an extremely attractive alternative to the more traditional headstone construction materials. Slate headstones are striking and can be noticed readily from a great distance due to the stark contrast with surrounding headstone. Such headstones are often much darker in appearance than their stone counterparts and feature light coloured text which stands out well from the dark backdrop. These headstones tend to appear clean and modern even after being in place for many years. Headstones constructed from slate somehow appear much less dreary than stone headstones and could even be described as attractive. They do not tend to fade over time and so can appear almost new even they are nothing of the sort.

A practical alternative

Aside from their attractive appearance slate headstones are also extremely practical and suited to their purpose. Slate is an exceptionally hardwearing stone which will withstand both the tests of time and the extremes of weather conditions. It is not easily damaged in its refined form and so will take a lot of punishment without cracking or shattering. What is more, slate headstones are simple to clean and maintain ensuring that they do not decay over time. The striking appearance of slate headstones can be maintained over a period of decades to ensure that the memorial to a cherished loved one is always in the best possible condition. Moreover, it will always be respectful and dignified and will always honour the treasured memories of the loved one and keep their memory alive for the foreseeable future.

Although slate headstones are not the traditional material for headstone construction they have been used in some parts of the world for centuries. They offer a wide range of beneficial attributes which put them ahead of all of their counterparts. Not only do slate headstones have a striking appearance with impressive used of contrast; they are also durable and hardwearing to ensure that they will survive for many years into the future without decay or destruction. These headstones are a wise choice for any family who would like a traditional, natural material but who would also like a headstone that is different to the ordinary, dreary headstones and stands out in stark contrast to them in any cemetery.