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Verses for Headstones Unfortunately, death is an inevitable part of life. The death of a loved one can often be one of the hardest things a person may have to face in their life – especially if that loved one was a close family member, a much loved friend or an important part of one's life. Many are left feeling bereft and alone when a loved one dies, and the continuation of daily life can seem impossible. Still others who have had to go through the harrowing process of losing a loved one feel that more people would have benefitted from knowing the deceased. It is because of this that many close family and friends want their dead loved one to have the best funeral and grave possible, and this includes the best headstone possible for a grave.

Why are verses for headstones so important?

Verses for headstones are an important part of laying a deal loved one to rest. The grave of a dearly deceased one may give an indication of what that person may have been like – their personality, their loves, and their life. A headstone also leaves a reminder to those that have lost the loved one and it may also serve to provide for those who had never had the privilege of meeting the deceased a small insight into their life. Many families choose unique and personal verses for headstones in order to remember the life of their loved one who has sadly passed away. A headstone with a verse inscribed onto it may also remain as a lasting monument to a much loved character.

Different verses for head

There are many different options concerning which verses for headstones may be used to commemorate the life of a person. For instance, some people may have inscribed onto the headstone a famous quote that the person themselves uttered whilst still alive. This serves the purpose of giving people an insight into what that person was truly like. This may be a serious utterance or it may also provide a humorous insight into the dead loved ones personality. A perfect and well known example of this is Spike Milligan's headstone, which famously reads: 'I told you I was ill'! Verses for headstones may also comprise of a best-loved poem of the deceased, a famous quote or a few simple lines written by friends and family that perfectly sum up the character of the dearly departed.

A lasting, personal monument

Indeed, verses for headstones are very important and are very personal to each and every gravestone. Whether verses for headstones are humorous, serious or simply a reflection of the loved one's character, verses for headstones provide a measure of comfort to those who have recently lost a close friend or relative in death. Headstone verses provide all with an insight into the deceased and their life, character and personality and shows how much they were loved and will be greatly missed. Verses for headstones provide a lasting and personal monument for all to see, admire and reflect on.