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Celtic headstone

celtic headstones Celtic headstones offer a traditional and impressive memorial to the life of a loved one who has recently passed away. Such headstones have been used in Europe for centuries since the Celts arrived on European shores and remain a popular choice today due to their striking and impressive appearance. What is more, Celtic headstones can be used to represent the religious beliefs of the recently departed family member and publicly display their hope for the future. Such headstones offer an elegant and dignified appearance which will stand for generations to come as is proven by the number of centuries old headstones which exist to this day.

The Celtic cross

The most obvious type of Celtic headstones that are available for a memorial is the Celtic cross. This type of headstone is centuries old and is very much a recognised symbol used on headstones around the world. The Celtic cross offers a memorial which can be seen from quite a distance and stands out in a cemetery or graveyard from all other headstones. This version of Celtic headstones certainly catches the eye and ensures that the memorial will be noticed by all who pass by. Being in a tradition style the Celtic cross will often appeal to the older generation as it offers a respectful and dignified yet impressive monument.

Celtic symbolic headstones

The second option when considering Celtic headstones is a conventional headstone inscribed or embossed with the symbol of a Celtic cross. This is obviously a cheaper alternative to a grand Celtic cross but offers the same symbolism and traditional style. The headstone itself can be constructed from a wide variety of materials including marble and granite as well many others. It is perhaps a good choice when Celtic symbolism is favoured but a full size Celtic cross would be considered over the top and inappropriate or when the budget would not allow for a Celtic cross. The resulting headstone is both respectful and dignified and can be inscribed using an epitaph provided by the surviving family members.

Celtic headstones are a traditional form of memorial that stands out from all other types of headstone. Its distinctive shape and stature ensure that this headstone cannot be missed and that the headstone will be around for years to come. The headstone will also provide a true focal point for the mourning family members; somewhere that they can come to remember the memory of the cherished loved one and feel close to them. Celtic headstones can be lavishly adorned with flowers or other memorial items to create an extremely colourful and attractive memorial to the departed loved one. A more attractive gravesite is more likely to catch the eye of passersby and therefore honour the memory of the deceased person and is more likely to encourage family members to visit the site to enjoy time reflecting on the memory of the relative. Celtic headstones offer a truly unique memorial to the honour and respect of a much missed individual.