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cheapest headstones When a cherished loved one passes away the natural reaction is to want to provide the biggest and best headstone in their memorial. Relatives often feel that the bigger and more exuberant the headstone is the more their loved for the departed is shown and their sadness at their passing. However the realities of life, especially in the current economic climate, often mean that however good the intentions of the relatives, they simply cannot afford to pay for such a headstone. However, in reality this is not an accurate reflection of their love for the deceased person or for their sadness at their passing. The cheapest headstones can still provide a fitting memorial and a dignified and respectful tribute.

Honouring the memory

The cheapest headstones often present the most realistic option for the surviving family members. Generally speaking headstones are erected primarily for the benefit of the surviving family members to honour the memory of the deceased loved one. Conversely, headstones offer no benefit to those who have died. Therefore, would it truly honour the memory of a loved one if the family uses all its worldly wealth to procure an expense headstone? It is likely that such an action would create a great deal of hardship for the family in the future. Very few relatives would take pleasure in creating hardship for their family simply in order to have their memory paid tribute to in a more lavish manner. Therefore it must be questioned whether buying an expensive headstone would truly honour the memory of the loved one and whether it is what that person would want if they were still alive. Often the cheapest headstones offer a more fitting tribute in such difficult economic circumstances.

Do not compromise

It is often assumed that cheap automatically means low quality but this is not necessarily the case. The cheapest headstones can often be constructed from good quality materials and produced using workmanship of a high standard. Obviously some of the cheapest headstones are of low quality but if care is taken headstones can be found that offer both value for money and high quality. By taking the time to examine the different headstones that are on offer, family members can ensure that they find the best quality materials and workmanship for the lowest prices.

The assumption that the cheapest headstones offer a substandard memorial or tribute the memory of a relative is an erroneous one. The cheapest headstones more often offer a suitable balance between the cost of the headstone which is considerable anyway and the family being able to continue comfortably. Moreover, providing a memorial which is within the family’s means will more often than not produce a more appropriate memorial than a lavish headstone that is simply not affordable for the family. Attaining such a balance is absolutely essential and allows the family to both honour the memory of a beloved relative and continue comfortably in life without the unnecessary additional struggle of enhanced economic hardship.