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cross headstones At any time of difficulty or during any trial in life a religious belief can offer much comfort and hope for the future. This is especially true when a close family member passes away in death. For those who hold no religious belief there is no hope of ever seeing that loved one again. Conversely, those who hold a religious conviction generally believe that those who have died can live again and will be seen again in the future. This is particularly true of Christian religions which adhered to the Biblical teaching of a future resurrection upon the earth.

When a loved one of a Christian faith passes away in death, their religious beliefs can bring great hope to the surviving family. Instead of seeing the loss as death it is more likened to a temporary sleep until the future resurrection. This hope means that the loved one is not really lost and that the relatives will have the opportunity to see the individual again in the future. Often people with such a faith would like to be remembered for their faith and their convictions when they pass away. This can be achieved through a religious funeral but also through the choice of headstone. Many options are available to reflect such a belief but one of the most common is cross headstones.

A personal tribute

Cross headstones can be inscribed with an epitaph written by close family members to honour the memory of the loved one. The epitaph may contain heartfelt sentiments reflection on the life of the beloved family member or it may contain verses from the Bible that was so dear to the departed person. This way cross headstones can offer a truly personal tribute to the memory of the individual and reflect their sincere belief in their creator and the Bible. For a religious person this would bring honour to their memory and ensure that they are always remembered for their firm religious convictions for many years or even generations to come.

A personalised shape and style

Cross headstones are available in a wide variety of shapes and styles and even materials to suit a wide variety of tastes and budgets. Headstones are available that are in the shape of a cross in their entirety, offering a striking and dominant headstone which stands out from the rest in the cemetery or churchyard. Moreover, cross headstones are available which are otherwise traditional headstones but feature an engraved or embossed cross in addition to the epitaph. What is more, different styles of headstones of this type are available from the traditional Celtic cross to more contemporary designs. Each design is available in a wide array of materials from stone to wood to metal, each with its own unique set of characteristics.

Whatever the choice of cross headstones they will ensure that the loved one is remembered for many years to come for their religious convictions and their sincere hope for the their future and the future of their family.