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gothic headstones Many people today ensure that their wishes for their funeral and burial or cremation are written within their last will and testimony to make sure that their wishes are carried out by the surviving family. Different people have different tastes and different values so it is critical to ensure that this information is recorded for the next generation. These tastes and values may impact on the way in which the funeral is carried out or the type of headstone that is used including its size, shape and the materials used in its construction. By careful consideration the close family can select a headstone which complements the individual’s wishes and brings honour and dignity to their memory.

Traditional values

Many people of the older generation adhere to very traditional values and uphold them very staunchly. It is therefore fitting that when they pass away in death that their memory is honoured through a traditional funeral and through use of a traditional headstone at their gravesite. It would not often be appropriate to pay tribute to such a person using an ultra-modern funeral proceeding and a contemporary headstone unless specifically stated in their wishes. Gothic headstones offer such a traditional and respectful monument to the deceased loved one which will stand for many years to come. Gothic headstones offer an appearance that is suitable to the occasion and extremely dignified.

Durable and sturdy

Gothic headstones are also extremely durable and sturdy as they are designed to last for many years to come. Constructed usually from granite or an equivalent stone, gothic headstones are built to last and withstand harsh weather conditions. This respectful monument will not only allow immediate relatives to pay their respects and reflect on the memory of the recently departed loved one but it will also allow relatives in generations to come to honour the memory of their deceased relatives. Furthermore, such headstones are not easily corroded or faded despite harsh weather conditions and are extremely simple to maintain and keep clean. This ensures that the gravesite is always dignified and respectful for the benefit of both the family and the memory of the family member.

So when considering acquiring a headstone for a cherished loved one who has passed away in the recent past, consider their preferences and tastes and personality. Consider whether a modern, contemporary headstone would be their preference or whether a more traditional headstone would be more suitable to their personality and tastes. Gothic headstones offer a memorial which appeals to the traditional values of the older generation as well as to the young. The honour, dignity and respect that gothic headstones afford the deceased will last for generations to come, ensuring that the memory of the cherished loved one will always be kept alive and at the forefront of peoples’ minds now and in years to come. Gothic headstones have been used for centuries as the traditional style of headstone and will be used for the foreseeable future to honour the memory of loved ones.