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pink headstones It is a very sad fact of life that death is inevitable for many people. The death of a loved one can be especially hard for those who still remain, be it close friends or family. For one who has lost a loved one, death can often leave a gaping hole in life where the loved one once occupied. It is for this reason that many people choose to erect a headstone. A headstone marks the place where a person has been buried, although a headstone can also be used to bury cremated ashes or simply as a standing memorial to one who has passed away. A headstone can often give an indication to the character and personality of the loved one who has died and it is because of this that many relatives opt for a more unusual or striking headstone to symbolise the striking and individual flair and personality of the one who has passed away.

What is a pink headstone?

Pink headstones are quite simply, headstones that are pink. These may come in a range of different styles, shapes, sizes and materials, ranging from wooden headstones to stone headstones to plastic headstones. Pink and other coloured headstones are becoming increasingly popular these days, for many reasons.

Why do many people choose pink headstones?

Often bought on the behalf of a deceased female, but occasionally also for a feminine male, pink headstones are the ultimate in unique and creative memorials to a dead loved one. Sometimes it is the sad case that a female may pass away whilst still relatively young. In this case, the family may decide to invest in a pink headstone to emphasise not only the youth of the departed, but also the bubbly and effervescent personality of the young girl. Lads who may have been known for being girly or feminine, or just simply liked to shock people may also have a pink headstone erected in their honour after they have passed away. Some who are aware that they are going to pass away may themselves stipulate that a pink headstone be erected upon their death. Pink headstones may also be erected in the extremely sad case that a baby girl is lost in death.

A truly unique and personal monument

Many graveyards are dull, serious places. People rarely smile when walking around a graveyard and many people even choose to stay away from a burial plot because of the sombre and depressing atmosphere. However, with a pink headstone, this can all change. Pink headstones can bring a smile to people's faces, even in the most sombre of occasions and a pink headstone can make people glance twice. Many people may stop to read the inscription or may turn their head twice to glimpse the bright declaration of happiness, just as the loved one may have made people do when they were alive also. Pink headstones are the perfect way to remember someone who was full of live, bright and enthusiastic and someone who made people smile.