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plastic headstones For a child the death of a pet is a particularly traumatic event in life, especially when the child and the pet have grown up together. At a young age children struggle to grasp the concept of death and come to terms with the loss of a much loved companion. Parents may try many ways to comfort the child and help the child to come to terms with this loss which may or may not be effective. One way some parents have effectively helped their children is by holding some form of funeral and burial for the pet. Doing this provides closure for the child and assures the child that the pet will not be forgotten.

Pet headstones

Depending on the parents and the children a pet funeral may vary from an extensive affair to simply burying the pet and saying a few words. It is often important to the child that the parents erect a headstone for the pet to show that the pet will never be forgotten and the child can go back to see the headstone. Plastic headstones represent an inexpensive method of erecting a headstone at the gravesite of the pet and ensuring that the gravesite is properly marked. As other types of headstones tend to be large and expensive, plastic headstones offer a more practical alternative for a pet. However, plastic headstones are still hardwearing and long lasting to ensure that the memorial will be around for some time to come.

Pet funeral

In addition to plastic headstones, parents may choose to hold some form of funeral service for the pet for the benefit of the child. This may simply involve burying the pet in the garden and erecting a headstone to the memory of the pet. Alternatively, parents may do something a bit more extensive if they know that it would be of benefit to the child. Whatever the parents choose to do, plastic headstones give both the child and the family closure on the life of the pet but also somewhere where the pet can be remembered for years to come in a peaceful environment. Plastic headstones allow the child to feel close to the pet and to reflect on their memories of the pet which tend to be cherished by the child. This enduring memorial will reassure that the pet has not simply been forgotten by the family and the pet will always be remembered with affection.

Plastic headstones can be inscribed with an epitaph with can vary from a simple 'RIP' to the pet's name to something more elaborate such as a tribute to the memory of the pet. The pet should be buried in the quietest and secluded part of the garden so that the child can spend time reflecting should they wish to. Such measures ensure that the parents bring closure to the life of the pet in the child's eyes and plastic headstones can keep that memory alive within the child for as long as they want.