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epitaphs-for-headstones It is a common tradition that when a loved one dies they have a headstone erected in their memory which is often inscribed with a personal message about that person, paying tribute to their life, their accomplishments and their personality. Epitaphs for headstones tend to convey important information such as the name of the deceased person, the date of their birth and the date of their death but often they also present a personalised message written by a close relative to honour their memory. This allows family members to publicly pay tribute to the loved one and express their sadness at their departure.

Poetry or song lyrics

Epitaphs for headstones may be used to convey poetry or song lyrics for the person that has recently died. The headstone may display lyrics from the person’s favourite song or poem which they were known to like. Alternatively, a poem or song lyrics may be used which the family feel is most representative of the person’s life or they feel sum up the personality or traits of that person. Such customisation can create highly personalised memorials which pay fitting tribute to the deceased loved one. It is certainly worth giving time to considering what will be inscribed upon the headstone as it will likely be there for a very long time and effect the way in which other people remember the beloved relative.

Personalised message

Alternatively a personalised message can be engraved on the headstone which is inspired by the sentiments of someone close to the deceased. Such heartfelt thoughts often provide a very fitting tribute to someone who was much loved. Moreover, a personalised message helps the headstone to stand out from all other headstones within a cemetery or a graveyard. Epitaphs for headstones provide close family members with the opportunity to truly express their love for the departed loved one and express their sadness at their departure.

Epitaphs for headstones can be highly customised in every aspect. First and foremost loved ones can choose the inscription to be used which may consist of poetry or song lyrics or may be a personalised message. Moreover, the family can choose both the style and the size of the characters used on the headstone to ensure that they are most fitting to the departed loved one. Furthermore, epitaphs for headstones can be additionally customised through used of small pictures or symbols to compliment the inscribed text.

Even the headstone on which the epitaph is inscribed can be customised to a high degree including the overall shape of the headstone, the material from which the headstone is constructed and the shape and texture of the headstone. The result is that epitaphs for headstones along with the headstone itself can be produced to the exact requirements of the family in order to ensure the most fitting tribute and memorial to the loved one who has passed away. By taking the time to choose a fitting epitaph relatives can create an enduring memorial for years to come.